COD Warzone: How to get bot lobbies with VPN

     Directions are below and also in the archive.
     Download 7zip or Winrar to extract.

     Download VPN_Profiles.rar
     The password is

     VPN Bot Lobby Setup:

     Sign-up for a Nord VPN account
     Join at the URL below and we both get 1 month free

     Download Open VPN Client for Windows and install

     Login to
     Navigate to the NordVPN tab ( )

     Place the folders from within ".OVPN Profiles" into the directory C:\Users\{USERNAME}\OpenVPN\config
     Right click on Open VPN GUI in your systray.
     Select "system profiles" and select a server to connect to.
     Enter your username and password from step 3 to complete the connection.

     Launch your game and enjoy the bot lobbies with Nord VPN and Open VPN.
     Setup directions courtesy of Eplays.Pro.

     .ovpn configuration files were downloaded from
     You can alternatively download .ovpn configuration files directly from

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